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A land in healing calls for adventurers. A decade ago, the Larensian Invaders were defeated and driven off the land of Koboa. Centuries of occupation, however, have left their mark on the land and its people. The careless greed of the Larensians left the continent a dangerous and wounded place. Monsters, fiends, and all forms of otherworldly creatures roam the wilderness. The new nations of the continent seek adventurers to clear the monsters, delve into abandoned temples, reclaim the lost treasures of their people, and build a new future for all Koboans.

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Koboa: Cultures & Creatures is a quick introduction to get started in the world of Koboa. Inside this booklet you'll find the rules for Forms - a novel alternative to Races. Characters can change Forms throughout their life, and can mix them together, allowing great flexiblity mechanically and narratively to reflect their culture and life choices.

You'll also find several Koboan creatures to interact with and challenge your characters. Face off against neo-conquistadors, get ambushed by the fearsome blekllev, and take down the massive Goong giants.

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