Cubeamajigs Series 2: August Update

Here’s your August update! As we move into the fall, our main milestones will be completing mass production of the remaining rewards and securing freight shipping.

This update isn’t too long as we’re waiting for Cubeamajigs mass production to wrap up and getting the other rewards from overseas on the first boat we’re able. We’re disappointed to say that there isn’t much to share with you this month, but you can review reward details below.

Rewards Progress

Podamajigs, Tokens, Lifepads (PICKED UP BY FREIGHT) –

All of these items have completed mass production as of last month’s update and the production samples have been approved! At this time, our shipping partners have picked up the all the product (we filled 3 whole 40' HQ containers!) and they are currently coordinating getting the containers on the freight ship to us. We hope to have some good news to share with you in the next update on this front!

Cubeamajigs – Cubeamajigs designs continue to move through mass production. Once they’re all completed we’ll coordinate their shipping as well.

Playmats – In the last update, we estimated we’d be able to initiate their mass production run this month. As the goal is to align their production with Cubeamajigs and Podamajigs freight shipping, the playmats have not begun mass production just yet as we'd hoped since their overseas counterparts are still awaiting shipment. Once we have boat news, it won't be long until playmat news follows!

Dragon Shield Sleeves, Pencils – In warehouse

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