Cubeamajigs Series 2: November Update + Rewards Progress

We hope you’re enjoying the last few weeks of the year! The team has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming fulfillment sprint and playing the waiting game for the remaining rewards to arrive by freight. Read on for more details!

Rewards Progress

Cubeamajigs – They are currently in freight and we are waiting on an ETA. At this time, our loose estimate is a mid-January arrival to the warehouse. 

Podamajigs, Tokens, Life Pads – These items have all joined the sleeves and pencils at the warehouse! 

Playmats – These are in production and we expect to see them arrive in the warehouse in January. The majority of rewards should begin fulfilling in February, though we are working with our fulfillment partners to see if we can start shipping Podamajigs pledges earlier. 

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