Humblewood Tales: November Update + Reward Progress

The team has been hard at work building the files for production since the last update. Read on for more details!

Rewards update

Book - There will be a full editing review after the final book is designed for production. We are wrapping up work on the pre-reviewed version, which should be ready by next week for an editor to go over it.

Physical rewards - Files are being built for production! Once they’re built, they will be submitted to our manufacturing partners along with some back and forth to ensure everything looks how we’d like it. We’ll then be sent samples or digital files to review and finalize before mass production begins. We’ll keep you updated on this process and show off any sample images we get! 

Vinyls - The vinyls have already begun mass production! 

Minis - The models are already produced and we are finalizing the packaging.

What's already been sent?

We've had some folks request a list of what has already gone out so they can track what's left to expect! At this time, the following have been distributed through BackerKit:
  • The Rhythm of Humblewood Soundtrack
  • The Rhythm of Humblewood Soundtrack Loops
  • The Rhythm of Humblewood Open Streaming Licence
  • Humblewood Minis STLs
  • Humblewood Tales PDF Release, Part 1
  • Humblewood Tales PDF Release, Part 2
  • Humblewood Tales PDF: Seahawk Fix 
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