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Total Party Kill: Bestiary Vol. 1 (PDF)

Total Party Kill: Bestiary Vol. 1 (PDF)

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Put simply, the Total Party Kill Bestiary is quite possibly the greatest compilation of high-level monstrous foes compatible with the 5th Edition of the world's greatest role-playing game. The 280 page book focuses on development of monsters with Challenge above 10, totaling 100 creatures with special emphasis on non-humanoid, non-legendary creatures.

When you need a 5th Edition monster to put the fear of certain defeat in your Players, the Total Party Kill Bestiary provides. No longer will pesky paladins and devious warlocks trivialize your encounters. The creatures within these pages are among the most powerful, devious, and borderline unfair ever put into print. With tactics, lore, ecology, treasure, and much, much more, each of the hundred monsters found here is a deadly adventure waiting to happen.

The Total Party Kill Bestiary - Volume 1 offers a hearty challenge for high level 5th Edition adventurers, offering game play insights, encounter design tools, and other DM focused content. You'll find these monsters easy to run, unique in their design, and deadly in their execution. If the balance at your table is shifting too far towards your players with their metagamed multiclassing and premeditated powergaming, no longer need you fear the challenges they may pose at high levels. Almost every monster within is a suitable threat for adventuring parties of 10th level or higher. Your players will howl with triumph as they overcome foes of staggering strength and lament their defeat at the hands of creatures they dared underestimate.

Unleash the Total Party Kill Bestiary to cement your reputation as a formidable master of dungeons!

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