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The Wanderer's Guide

The Wanderer's Guide - GM Screen

The Wanderer's Guide - GM Screen

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This GM Screen is everything one needs in order to help shape PCs and NPCs for the world that is being created. The screen itself is beautiful, as it features several map and landmark displays on the side that faces the players. The inner screen has four informational sides that are for the GM’s disposal.

The left side includes ten worldbuilding prompts that will shape the foundations of how your world works (including religion, morals, technology, and more). 

The inner sides include tables that can be rolled for six different elements of characters and possessions. The rolled tables include: Race, Occupation, Trinkets, Quirks/Flaws, Shops, and Events. 

The right side is where you will write the name of your kingdom before determining its overarching political nature. Who is the ruling class? What kinds of occupations make up the upper versus middle class? Does the kingdom have a history of villainy or crime? All of this can be determined from this panel.

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