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The Wanderer's Guide

The Wanderer's Guide Box Set

The Wanderer's Guide Box Set

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Get all the extras in the Wanderer's Guide Box Set!

Ancient temples, Farming villages, Pirate ships, Volcano Dungeons, these are just a few out of the many offerings that this hardcover book of map locations has to offer.

Featuring twenty-six different areas covering 52 lay-flat pages, your campaigns environment and setting will be perfectly clear for all to see. The beautiful art perfectly encapsulates the adventurer’s mood as they strive to complete quests and expeditions. Additionally, the book features four pages that are full of NPCs with quests and backgrounds to offer your players. 

  • The Wanderer's Guide - Physical Copy
  • Token Pack - Punchboard Tokens and Reusable Stickers
  • NPC Deck - Features 40 NPCs NOT Found In The Wanderer's Guide Book
  • Worldbuilder's GM Screen
  • Town Builder Pad - 50 Pages
  • Deluxe Embroidered Dice Bag
  • Custom Set of Wanderer's Dice (D4, D6, D8, D10 x 2, D12, D20)
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