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The Griffon's Saddlebag

The Griffon's Saddlebag: The Ledger+ Book Two Access Code

The Griffon's Saddlebag: The Ledger+ Book Two Access Code

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The Ledger+ is a desktop and mobile-friendly online compendium for the hundreds of magic items from The Griffon's Saddlebag. Access Codes grant you lifetime Ledger+ access to the 504 magic items found in The Griffon's Saddlebag: Book Two, allowing you to search, sort, and save them in a rich and immersive online experience.
Many items other than the ones in this book are already available for free on the Ledger+, so you can experience the platform for yourself as much as you like before you decide if an Access Code is right for you!
Applying an Access Code takes less than 30 seconds, and only requires you to be logged in using a magic link—no special account creation required! Just use the account menu to add the code to any Ledger+ account.
With the Ledger+, you can:

  • Sort by metadata and glean additional information through convenient interactions.
  • Search for items using names, keywords, or other phrases to immediately narrow your results.
  • Experience item descriptions in a rich and immersive experience.
  • Save items to Stashes, which you can categorize and sort to keep your lich's items separate from your tavern keeper's.
  • Generate instantly usable loot tables using items from your Stashes, or for the entire Saddlebag library!

NOTE: Your code will be emailed to you automatically after purchase. If you do not receive an email soon after purchase, please contact us.

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