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Big Bads

The Big Book of Big Bads (PDF)

The Big Book of Big Bads (PDF)

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You've seen a bestiary, now meet the BOSSTIARY!

A rogues gallery of boss monsters is on the loose - round 'em up in this 250+ page digital PDF!

Say hello to the squabbling duo Pork and Bean, Blrrk the sentient ooze mob boss, the twisted tooth-fairy the Prince in Ivory, and the soul-stealing celestial Imryss plotting diabolical schemes. And don’t forget the world-ending threats like Harathos the Bound God and the deep horror Vellai-Axal. All these bosses and more are dying to defeat... I mean... meet you.

Join the Big Bad Bureau and show these boss monsters who’s really the boss!

NOTE: Due to the size of these files, you will receive a download link after purchase. If you experience any issues, please contact us.
  • 250+ pages
  • 25+ Boss Monsters
  • Full Backstories, Tactics, and Stat Blocks
  • Dozens of New Magic Items and Minions
  • Character Options including Backgrounds, Feats, and Equipment
  • 90+ Adventure Hooks
  • Big Bad Bureau boss monster files
  • Big Bads Campaign Frames for Inspiration
  • A Guide to the Big Bad Bureau - A Brand New Organization for Players to Join
  • Battle Maps
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