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Hit Point Press

Teslagrad, Teslamancer Class Playtest (PDF)

Teslagrad, Teslamancer Class Playtest (PDF)

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Rain Games and Hit Point Press are teaming up to bring you the world of Teslagrad to your 5e games!

Learn how to become a Teslamancer with the Class playtest. Teslamancers are machinists that build wonderful magic-like tools they use to perform a variety of feats, from gravity manipulation to control of the elements. How will you wield this power?


Writing and Game Design: Christopher Pinch, Jordan Richer
Project Management: Ricardo Evangelho
Original Story: Peter Wingaard Meldahl
Art Direction: Ole Ivar Rudi (Olli)
Illustration: Ole Ivar Rudi (Olli), Petter Amland, Aslak Helgesen
Graphic Design: Ricardo Evangelho

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