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Lore of Aetherra

Lore Of Aetherra: Novarail Booklet

Lore Of Aetherra: Novarail Booklet

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The Mothertree is Dying...

And with it, all hope for survival in the mythical underwater city of Chrysalea. Beneath the thinnest veneer of civility and decorum lies a civilization obsessed with technological progress and racing to find an answer before that hope is snuffed out. Whether you continue on from The Lost Druid or use one of the included adventure hooks, beauty and deceit await you at the bottom of the lake.

All aboard the Novarail, a standalone thematic prequel to Lore of Aetherra: Dark Symmetry, the second installment in the Alchemy Original saga: Lore of Aetherra. This fusion of narrative storytelling and encounter mechanics is written to convey the scope and breadth of the world we’ve created. Ride along with Glider Primarine as she leads you on a tour of the beautiful and diverse habitats that comprise the underwater city of Chrysalea, a complex society where intrigue and mystery lie just beneath the tranquil surface. All rides must come to an end, however, and something wicked awaits you at the end of the line.

Come, ride the rails, see the sights, and settle in for an adventure in the deep.

  • 5 articles, including the Graftknight Fighter subclass
  • 3 characters, including one pre-made player character
  • 6 new scenes with music, ambient audio and thematic voiceover on Alchemy RPG
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