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Humblewood Campaign Setting for Foundry (VTT)

Humblewood Campaign Setting for Foundry (VTT)

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Play Humblewood on Foundry VTT!

Humblewood is an exciting campaign setting for 5th Edition that includes ten original player races, new monsters, magic items, and a compelling adventure for 1st to 5th level characters.

In the world of Everden, nestled between the mighty Crest mountain range and the vast marshes of the Mokk Fields, lies a mystical forest known as Humblewood that hums with the Great Rhythm of nature. It has been ruled for generations by the birdfolk who inhabit the Great Tree City of Alderheart. Humblewood has endured for centuries thanks to the industry and compassion of its people but now the fires have come, and the Woods have been thrown into chaos.

Yet there is still hope. Even in these dark times, brave heroes can be found within the Wood. Only they can quell the raging flames that have been unleashed upon the land, and restore balance to the realm.

Will you answer the call?

NOTE: An email with Foundry access instructions for Humblewood will be sent to you automatically after purchase. If you do not receive an email soon after purchase, please contact us.

  • Full adventure from level 1 to 5
  • 10 new playable races
  • Backgrounds, Feats and Spells
  • Location and battle maps
  • Virtual Standees
  • Reference cards covering monsters, npcs, magic items and spells
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