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Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting (PDF)

Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting (PDF)

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Like monster hunting? Love crafting? Then pack your grill of barbecuing, ‘cos this is the 5th edition supplement for you!

Hunt-master, inspirational speaker, and badass barbecuer Heliana has compiled a catalogue of creatures that need slaying. These unique twists on classic monsters are divided into 11 easy-to-run monster hunt adventures, each playable at a variety of levels. Investigate the creatures to find their weaknesses, prepare your plan of attack, then unleash your fury with brand-new spells, weapons, and player options.

PDF Contents:
This supplement brings a hoard of new content to your 5e game:

  • Rules for Harvesting fallen foes.
  • A system for Crafting items using harvested monster components.
  • A ruleset for Tracking and over 150 random encounters!
  • Over 100 illustrated magic items.
  • 75 new creatures.
  • 69 sizzling spells.
  • 14 gorgeous maps.
  • 11 engaging monster hunt adventures.
  • 10 flavourful races.
  • 9 new subclasses for your standard classes.
  • A new class: the Monster Tamer and 4 subclasses.
  • A ruleset for Cooking and over 20,000 unique combinations of effects! (not a typo!)

Purchasing this includes updates to PDF and future errata.

Your purchase includes all of these digital products:

  • Digital PDF (a slightly less lethal version of our massive 600 page book)
  • Bard Recordings (10 unique supplemental clue ballads for each of our hunts)
  • 44 Extra Encounters (Additional Random Encounters for the Tracking Chapter roll-tables)
  • Monster Soundscapes (25+ monster initiative, death, and more sounds to start off fights with a bang!)
  • Ambience Soundtrack (10 ambience soundscapes to play while tracking our main hunts)
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