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Loot Tavern

Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting - Core Box

Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting - Core Box

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The vital core of what Heliana’s Guide has to offer in one massive package!

Like monster hunting? Love crafting? Then pack your grill of barbecuing, ‘cos this is the 5th edition supplement for you!

Hunt-master, inspirational speaker, and badass barbecuer Heliana has compiled a catalogue of creatures that need slaying. These unique twists on classic monsters are divided into 11 easy-to-run monster hunt adventures, each playable at a variety of levels. Investigate the creatures to find their weaknesses, prepare your plan of attack, then unleash your fury with brand-new spells, weapons, and player options.

This supplement brings a hoard of new content to your 5e game:

  • Rules for Harvesting fallen foes.
  • A system for Crafting items using harvested monster components.
  • A ruleset for Tracking and over 150 random encounters!
  • Over 100 illustrated magic items.
  • 75 new creatures.
  • 69 sizzling spells.
  • 14 gorgeous maps.
  • 11 engaging monster hunt adventures.
  • 10 flavourful races.
  • 9 new subclasses for your standard classes.
  • A new class: the Monster Tamer and 4 subclasses.
  • A ruleset for Cooking and over 20,000 unique combinations of effects! (not a typo!) 

Physical Products:

  • Core Hardcover Book (600 pages of pure goodness, also doubles as a weapon in a pinch)
  • Heliana's Handouts (11 double-sided art prints, 11 wanted posters, and 11 pages of perforated clues to supplement our 11 hunt adventures. Each handout is a4-sized premium paper.)
  • Loot Tavern Map (a playable grid map of our provided hub world, the Loot Tavern)
  • Item Cards Vol. 1 (Contains 55 tarot-sized item reference cards from the Dreamweaver, Polyhedrooze, Reign of Iron, and Veiled Lady hunts plus more!)
  • Item Cards Vol. 2 (Contains 55 tarot-sized item reference cards from the Dread and Breakfast, Tarcheology, and Mecha Koboldzilla hunts plus more!)
  • Item Cards (Bonus) Vol. 3 (Contains 55 bonus tarot-sized item reference cards including monster food, extra items, and more!)
  • Gelatinous Ooze Resin Dice (a set of 7 green swirled clear acrylic polyhedral dice with gold shimmer and a delightful skull center)
  • L'Arsène's Crafting Catalogue (a player facing reference supplement booklet for Heliana's Guide)

Digital Products:

  • Digital PDF (a slightly less lethal version of our massive 600 page book)
  • Bard Recordings (10 unique supplemental clue ballads for each of our hunts)
  • 44 Extra Encounters (Additional Random Encounters for the Tracking Chapter roll-tables)
  • Digital L'Arsène's Crafting Catalogue (the digital version of our player facing guide)
  • Monster Soundscapes (25+ monster initiative, death, and more sounds to start off fights with a bang!)
  • Ambience Soundtrack (10 ambience soundscapes to play while tracking our main hunts)
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