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Heckna! Symbol Font (OTF)

Heckna! Symbol Font (OTF)

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All around The Revelia, small symbols are scratched into wooden poles, scorched into fabric, or chalked on the ground. The symbols originally started as a way for those working against Heckna to mark out safe or dangerous places without Heckna or his minions knowing. Over generations of resistance, the symbols have become an important navigational network for those trying to survive or escape The Revelia.

The Heckna! campaign book includes the placement of symbols important to the narrative, but you can deploy additional symbols throughout The Revelia using this free symbols font!

This font includes a full library of symbols, as well as cartouches that can be created by combining symbols.

Refer to Appendix I in the Heckna! Campaign Book for a full guide on using this font!

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