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Heckna! Campaign Setting (PDF)

Heckna! Campaign Setting (PDF)

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Heckna! is a 5e adventure designed for characters of levels 1 through 10. GMs and players alike will delight in this hilariously horrifying and wickedly whimsical dark carnival setting!

This PDF is both a setting and a campaign guide, allowing you to play through the campaign as written or use elements to create your own adventures.

  • Over 200 pages of goofy and gruesome horror
  • "Are We The Baddies" mini-campaign - play as a Reveler!
  • "Shuffled Stories" Engine to remix your Heckna! campaign
  • New magic items & full bestiary
  • New "Gobbledygook" language & symbol library
  • Safety tools & suggestions to ensure a safe environment for all players
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