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Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold - Full Miniature Bundle (Digital STL)

Fool's Gold - Full Miniature Bundle (Digital STL)

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Gain access to ALL the Fool's Gold miniature STL files with bases! Over 40 unique STL files from Sips to Sneeze to Foreclaimers, and don't forget the Doom Duck! Everyone and everything you need for a Bellowing Wilds adventure.

Files are pre-supported. This bundle does NOT include the Tarrasque STL.

NOTE: Due to the size of this bundle, a download link will be emailed to you automatically after purchase. If you do not receive an email soon after purchase, please contact us.

  • Fool's Gold Crew
  • Bellowing Monsters
  • ...and Friends
  • Villains
  • Fiesty Creatures
  • Ultimate Threats
  • Monsters, Monks & Mechs
  • Foreclaimers
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