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Constellation RPG Anthology Hardcover Book

Constellation RPG Anthology Hardcover Book

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Discover your new favorite roleplaying game with Constellation, a beautiful hardcover anthology containing zines from 12 independent creators.

Packed with action, horror, and intimate emotional experiences, this book includes new adventure settings and games for one, two, or more players.

Included Games:

  • Project: Day Breaker by Jacky Leung. A game for two to four players on a doomed ship crawling with vampires. 
  • this world is not yours by Travis D. Hill. A zine for one or two players who play numerous families across four generations and the house they live in.
  • Flame in the Abyss by Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo. A three-person game about memories, grief, and accepting loss.
  • vis-a-visage by Maxwell Lander. A narrative combat duet where the players take on opposing roles, such as superhero and supervillain, or god and mortal, who have switched faces.
  • Forgetting Your Touch by Maria Mison. A somatic game in which two or more players reclaim an intimate boundary through physical contact with each other.
  • What Really Happened by Brian Hazzard. A solo transformative fiction journaling game where you imagine yourself as a character in the plot of your favorite novel.
  • Hundred Red Scales by Zedeck Siew and Munkao. An adventure setting inspired by Southeast Asian fabrics.
  • MORIAH by Kyle Tam. A multiplayer game where characters are pilgrims petitioning the gods for salvation through blood and sacrifice.. 
  • When You Meet Your Doppelganger on the Road, You Must Make Out With Them by Midsummer Meinberg. A duet where you encounter a stranger who looks exactly like you.
  • Chinese Ghost Stories We Tell Ourselves by Alyx Bui. A communal horror game based on Chinese folklore and cultural interpretations. 
  • Gourmet Street: Fantasy Street Food Adventuring by John Gregory. A zine of gastronomic shenanigans.
  • No One Dies Alone in Revolution by AJ Ellis. A single-player poetry writing game.
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