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Big Bads

Community Copy - The Big Book of Big Bads + Creatures & Curios (PDF)

Community Copy - The Big Book of Big Bads + Creatures & Curios (PDF)

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NOTE: This product is a Community Copy, meaning that we’re providing a free download of the Big Bads + Creatures & Curios PDF Bundle for those who can’t afford to pay for it. These limited copies are available thanks to the project's Kickstarter backers. 

Please claim one if you’re in need.

To purchase a copy instead, visit this listing.


The Big Book of Big Bads

A rogues gallery of boss monsters is on the loose - round 'em up in this 250+ page digital PDF!

Say hello to the squabbling duo Pork and Bean, Blrrk the sentient ooze mob boss, the twisted tooth-fairy the Prince in Ivory, and the soul-stealing celestial Imryss plotting diabolical schemes. And don’t forget the world-ending threats like Harathos the Bound God and the deep horror Vellai-Axal. All these bosses and more are dying to defeat... I mean... meet you.

Join the Big Bad Bureau and show these boss monsters who’s really the boss!

Big Bads: Creatures & Curios

Expand your game with a massive selection of menacing monsters. Evade the deadly toxins of the other-worldly abezrogest, befriend an adorable, fiery flamtarn and go toe-to-toe with the undead battleshee.

Wield powerful, never before seen magic items. See your enemies true intentions with the blindfold of justice, get a glimpse into the honey-coated mysteries of bees with the ring of bee secrets and bring down the heavens with the fang of woe, a dagger made from the tooth of a fallen god.

NOTE: Due to the size of these files, you will receive a download link after purchase. If you experience any issues, please contact us.
  • 250+ pages
  • 25+ Boss Monsters
  • Full Backstories, Tactics, and Stat Blocks
  • Dozens of New Magic Items and Minions
  • Character Options including Backgrounds, Feats, and Equipment
  • 90+ Adventure Hooks
  • Big Bad Bureau boss monster files
  • Big Bads Campaign Frames for Inspiration
  • A Guide to the Big Bad Bureau - A Brand New Organization for Players to Join
  • Battle Maps
  • 100+ New Creatures
  • A Wide Variety of CRs and Creature Types
  • 100+ New Magic Items
  • All Types and Rarities
  • Clearly Organized for Easy Reference
  • Covers creations from all of Hit Point Press's history
  • Random roll tables to help you choose the perfect item for any situation
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