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Big Bads

Big Bads: Creatures & Curios (PDF)

Big Bads: Creatures & Curios (PDF)

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A Myriad of Monsters and Magic Items!

Expand your game with a massive selection of menacing monsters. Evade the deadly toxins of the other-worldly abezrogest, befriend an adorable, fiery flamtarn and go toe-to-toe with the undead battleshee.

Wield powerful, never before seen magic items. See your enemies true intentions with the blindfold of justice, get a glimpse into the honey-coated mysteries of bees with the ring of bee secrets and bring down the heavens with the fang of woe, a dagger made from the tooth of a fallen god.

NOTE: Due to the size of these files, you will receive a download link after purchase. If you experience any issues, please contact us.
  • 100+ New Creatures
  • A Wide Variety of CRs and Creature Types
  • 100+ New Magic Items
  • All Types and Rarities
  • Clearly Organized for Easy Reference
  • Covers creations from all of Hit Point Press's history
  • Random roll tables to help you choose the perfect item for any situation
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