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Big Bads

Big Bad 039 Alkinimic Rex (PDF)

Big Bad 039 Alkinimic Rex (PDF)

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Delve Into Danger!

Meet the mimic dragon, Alkinimic Rex. 

With the aid of Phaign’s Mirror, the kobolds of the mountain reincarnated their beloved dragon god, Old Alkinimic - though this mimic is not quite as the dragon once was.

Will you take down the enormous mimic dragon, or will Phaign’s Mirror create a mimic monstrosity of you? 

Includes screen reader-friendly PDFs!

Writing/Concept: Michael Holik
Cover Art: Mariya Sviridova
Interiors: Liam Gregg
Published: September 2022

What is Big Bads?

Big Bads are fully illustrated 5e booklets, each featuring a new boss monster that includes details about the boss's back story, personality, and tactics!

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