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Big Bads

Big Bad 034 Anrhea (PDF)

Big Bad 034 Anrhea (PDF)

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You'd better run!

Meet Anrhea - once heir to the Tufterson hunting estate, now a cold, ruthless stalker of all prey, animal or otherwise, who trespasses the Bramblestring Wildwood. 

Will Anrhea succeed in tracking you down, or will her best laid plans go to the dogs?

Includes screen reader-friendly PDFs!

Writing/Concept: Alec McGrail
Cover Art: Lauren Walsh
Interiors: Liam Gregg
Published: April 2022

What is Big Bads?

Big Bads are fully illustrated 5e booklets, each featuring a new boss monster that includes details about the boss's back story, personality, and tactics!

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