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Animated Spells

Animated Spells: Level 8 (IMPERFECT)

Animated Spells: Level 8 (IMPERFECT)

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The Deck of Many Animated Spells - Level 8 puts awe-inducing magical power into your hands. Make an icy Clone of yourself, or stop your foes in their tracks with Power Word Stun. Magic spells at your finger tips!

Note: This deck is discounted to to a cutting error on the card edges - please see second photo.

Contents: 30 Tarot Sized Lenticular Cards (70mm x 120mm)

• Animal Shapes
• Antimagic Field
• Antipathy/Sympathy
• Clone
• Control Weather
• Demiplane

• Dominate Monster
• Earthquake
• Feeblemind
• Glibness
• Holy Aura
• Incendiary Cloud
• Maze
• Mind Blank
• Power Word Stun
• Sunburst
• 14x Customizable Spellcraft Cards
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