The Field Guide to Floral Dragons: Book 1 (PDF)

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The Field Guide to Floral Dragons is coming to Kickstarter! Enjoy this FREE sample booklet and follow the campaign here!

The Field Guide to Floral Dragons introduces you to the mysterious world of floral dragons, unusual and elusive creatures inspired by real world plants and flowers.

Beautifully illustrated by artist Kin Wald, each Floral Dragon booklet features field entries for four new floral dragons, with notes from the point of view of the adventurers who discovered them.

Each Floral Dragons digital booklet includes full stat blocks & more to be used in your 5e campaigns, as well as an additional PDF booklet of stats for your SHIFT games!

Product Contents:

  • Amaranth Dragon
  • Lamium Dragon
  • Larkspur Dragon
  • Wisteria Dragon

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