The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot Box Set


The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot Box Set combines a fully animated tarot deck with a detailed guidebook, designed for use in your 5e games as well as divination.


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The Fablemaker's Tarot is a fully animated tarot deck. Using lenticular technology, each card features an 8-frame looping animation that comes to life when the card is tilted! This tarot deck has been designed to be used in your 5e games, as well as for divination.

The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot Box Set includes the complete 78-card Animated Tarot Deck plus the 280-page Animated Tarot Guidebook that will lead you through using tarot at the tabletop in your 5e games, as well as guiding you through using the deck in standard divination.

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Product Contents:

  • 78-card animated tarot deck, featuring all Major and Minor Arcana
  • 280-page hardcover Tarot guidebook
  • Great for tarot beginners and enthusiasts alike
  • Use tarot in your TTRPG campaigns
  • Enhance character classes with tarot
  • TTRPG-inspired spreads for divination
  • Imagine major arcana cards as NPCs
  • Includes Nova, an original tarot-inspired NPC

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  • Writing: Misty Bourne
  • Additional Writing: Verity Lane
  • Art & Animation: Kamille Areopagita, Kevin Areopagita, Liam Gregg, Meredith Smallwood

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