Bundle: Sips & Sneeze Plush Toy

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Sips and Sneeze are best friends forever! Get them together as this bundle as save.

Have you ever wanted a grumpy monkey staring at you at all times of the day? No? Well here he is anyway! If anyone could use a hug it’s Sips, and this is probably the only opportunity you’ll ever get to hug him. Just mind the cursed arm! Wild Magic not included.

You want a kangaroo-monkey-cat thing too? We gotchu covered with Sneeze! What exactly is he? Nobody knows, cause it doesn’t matter. He’s Sips’ best friend and he’s good for huggin’! Just look at him, he’s got toe beans! Knives not included.

Toys measure approximately 26cm tall.

Please remove all fasteners and tags before giving these toys to a child. This product conforms to CPSC Safety Regulation ATSM F963.

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