Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds (PDF)

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Based on the popular Fool's Gold animated YouTube series by Dingo Doodles!

Fools Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds (PDF) is an exciting new 5e adventure that takes place in the world’s deadliest jungle where everything wants to kill you! Fun! 

Enhance your games with this jungle campaign setting, which includes a buttload of new content, including brand new wilder magic & curse charts that will definitely excite GMs while the players pray to the dice gods. 

Delve into the Bellowing Wilds, discover the rich lore of the world, and find out what happened to the ancient Foreclaimers who disappeared thousands of years ago, leaving ruins, mysteries, MECHANICAL DRAGONS AND DINOSAURS, and awesome treasures behind…

PDF Contents:

300+ page digital bookmarked PDF
Fully playable, brand-new Fool’s Gold Adventure Module
Unique & Expansive Alchemy + Harvesting System (Over 1,000,000+ possible potions)
HUGE Curse & Wilder Magic Charts with hundreds of chaotic effects
30+ new spells and a new sub-school of magic: Oneiromancy
4 new races, including the Foreclaimers and the honorable Weavers
8 kickass subclasses
New character backgrounds like the Cursed Soul, Gold Shaper & Outback Cook
35+ deadly monsters
Tons of new items and craftable gear
An expansive setting guide to the Bellowing Wilds region of the world of Ambria
Deep lore on Ambria’s pantheon of gods and more
Felix’s personal house rules (oh no)
Character sheets of the Fool’s Gold crew!

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