The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Tarot & More: September Update + Rewards Progress

Rewards Progress

Tarot Decks - Shipment #1 has reached the port in British Columbia and we learned this week that it’s officially been discharged from the boat! They’ve let us know that the shipment will travel by rail rather than truck to Montreal, where it will be forwarded by truck to our warehouse in Ottawa.

Shipment #2 has finally made it across the ocean! The boat is now in Seattle, which is the last stop before it will make its way to British Columbia as well. This shipment will then follow the steps outlined above.

We’re in close contact with our shipping partners and are receiving updates from them each week. Unfortunately, they have let us know that the expected date of arrival for both shipments in Montreal has been pushed back.

Based on their estimates, we expect to see the decks arrive in Montreal on October 3rd (Shipment #1) and October 14th (Shipment #2). We’re getting a clearer estimate on what to expect for the final leg (Montreal-Ottawa) to give you a better timeline, but based on past experience we anticipate receiving the remainder of the pallets closer to the end of October. We’re hoping to see the shipments fly through customs and across the country, defying all our expectations, but realistically the tarot decks will not reach us until the end of next month.

Deck Storage Boxes - These are included with the tarot decks in Shipment #2! We expect to be able to receive them towards the end of October as well.

Spellshaping - The books have completed printing and a printed sample has been shipped to us for review! If approved the books will be bound and prepped to ship to us.

Address Changes

If you need to update your delivery address be sure to reach out to the team at! This is now the only way to make changes to your address for fulfillment.

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