The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Tarot & More: October Update + Tarot Decks in Montreal!

Hey backers!

We have some movement on all fronts this month, so check it out!

Rewards Progress

Tarot Decks – Shipment #1 has already arrived in Montreal! There is one leg of the journey left where they will travel by truck to our warehouse. We’re so close.

Shipment #2 has been discharged from the boat! Our shipping partners will arrange transport by rail to Montreal like the previous shipment.

Deck Storage Boxes – These are included with the tarot decks in Shipment #2.

Spellshaping – The sample has arrived and looks great! The books have been bound and we’re arranging shipment to us from the printers. We don’t have a timeline for you just yet on this front, but we’re nearing the home stretch!

Address Changes

If you need to update your delivery address be sure to reach out to the team at! This is now the only way to make changes to your address for fulfillment.

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