The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Tarot & More: July Update + Rewards Progress

Rewards Progress

Tarot Decks - Very exciting news on this front! Since the last monthly update on June 9th, the decks have begun their journey to us! We currently have two shipments; the first set sail towards the end of June and the second will follow later this week.

Based on the estimate provided to us by the shippers, we expect to see the first shipment reach BC in the coming week or so, where it will then be processed by customs and sent our way by truck.

Tarot Reading Mats - They have arrived at the HPP warehouse!

Deck Storage Boxes - They have completed mass production! They have a spot on a freight ship already and should be picked up later this week and set sail towards the end of next.

Spell Slot reprints - They are on their way to us! Based on the estimates provided to us, we expect to see them arrive at our warehouse later this week.

Spellshaping - PDFs are available through BackerKit! Our design team is coordinating with the manufacturers to ensure the exported files are good to proceed with.

Roll20 Codes - Both codes that are a part of a pledge as well as The Fablemaker’s Tarot gift codes have been sent out to backers by email. If you have any concerns regarding receiving your code, please be sure to reach out to our support team!

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