The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Tarot & More: All hands on deck! – Tarot is HERE!

We are SO excited to share that the first shipment of the tarot decks have arrived at our warehouse! What an incredible way to start our Thursday!

What to expect for remaining fulfillment?

The warehouse team will spend the next few days breaking down the pallets and processing the decks to prepare them for shipment. We expect the first packages to ship out towards the end of next week!

Because the second tarot shipment (which includes the deck storage boxes!) won’t be far behind this one and since we are arranging to airship the Spellshaping books to us, barring any unexpected delays in receiving the last two products, we expect that we’ll have all rewards in warehouse and available to ship around the end of the month.

Address Changes – Let us know ASAP!

If you need to update your delivery address be sure to reach out to the team at! This is now the only way to make changes to your address for fulfillment.

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