Hot off the Press: What's Coming Next!

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a restful holiday season!

After taking a short break for the holidays, we've re-assembled our party and are venturing into 2023 ready for new adventures!

Read on to learn all about what's coming up at Hit Point Press.

Constellation: An RPG Zine Anthology

Discover your new favorite roleplaying game with this anthology of twelve exciting indie game zines.

Dive into new adventure settings, explore deep emotions, and fight dangerous foes in this eclectic mix of games. There’s something for everyone - these games span a wide range of genres, player counts and play styles.

Coming to Kickstarter January 24th - get notified on launch!

If I Were a Lich, Man: 3 Jewish Games by Lucian Khan

A trilogy of funny Jewish roleplaying games about creative resistance against authoritarianism.

The villains in the stories of our oppressors become the heroes in our play. Recommended for fans of What We Do in the Shadows, Russian Doll, and Young Frankenstein.

Coming to Kickstarter in February - sign up to be notified!

The Big Book of BIG BADS

Our popular Big Bads series is being collected for the first time into a two-volume collection of the biggest, baddest boss monsters!

Featuring our original 25 Big Bads collected into one volume, plus NEW exclusive Big Bads, campaign hooks, creatures, curios and so much more.

Coming to Kickstarter in March! Don't miss out - get notified on launch!

SHIFT, our brand-new RPG system!

SHIFT lets you play in any world you can imagine, and allows players and GMs to create their own custom rules with ease. Using the flexible Shift Dice mechanic, GMs and players can focus on the stories they wish to tell.

This 80-page Quickstart PDF contains the beta playtest of the SHIFT rule set. It has everything needed to learn and play SHIFT, including a full Maelstrom one shot adventure “Curse of the Albatross" that lets you jump right in and play.

Join the SHIFT - download the Beta for free!

Frameamajigs Debut at Magic: The Gathering in Miniature

The first gallery show of Magic: The Gathering Artist Proofs will open on January 21, 2023 onsite at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA. The exhibition will feature more than 150 sketched and painted APs illustrated by more than three dozen past and present Magic artists.

The artist proofs will be displayed using a brand new framing solution we've developed called the Frameamajig. Frameamajigs allow for cards, housed in standard magnetic one-touch holders, to be hung on the wall with their contents fully interchangeable.

This show will be the first and currently only way to acquire these frames before their worldwide release!

Click here for more info about the event!

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