Hit Point Press, OGLs and 2023

We, like the community at large, have a lot of feelings about the proposed D&D 1.1 Open Gaming Licence (OGL). As a team of creators, we are very concerned about how a new OGL would impact the community. We believe in a community that supports and enables creators to do the thing they love most, create games.

So, right now, what does this mean for Hit Point Press?

Regarding current 5e commitments:

Heckna! is in production and will start shipping mid-year.

Humblewood Tales is being prepared for submission to the printers.

Fool's Gold,Humblewood 2 andThe Diviner's Deck of Many Things are all in development.

As for our Patreon, Big Bads will continue to be released and we will release our first issue ofFloral Dragons this month.The Big Book of Big Bads Kickstarter will also launch in March.

We are also finalizing our 5e collaboration with Curious & Kind, a local creative space. It was a great pleasure to partner with young designers to create their first TTRPG creatures. Profits from this project will be donated to Kind Space (kindspace.ca).

In addition to our 5e projects, be on the lookout for the following in 2023:

SHIFT RPG system - In November 2022, we released a free Quickstart Beta document for our own TTRPG system, SHIFT (rpgshift.com). It was always our intention for SHIFT to have an irrevocable open gaming license because we recognize that games are stronger when everyone is at the table.

Constellation - An anthology of 12 amazing indie TTRPGs launched later this month on Kickstarter (constellationrpg.com).

If I Were a Lich, Man - A collection of 3 Jewish role playing games by Lucian Kahn.

One Last Fight - A GM-less Dungeon Crawl RPG Card Game for 2 to 6 players by Ethan Hudgens.

Passport RPG - A series of passport-sized roleplaying games to play on the go, made during Hit Point Press’s 2022 employee Game Jam.

Thank you for your patience while we navigate what a new D&D OGL means for us. We look forward to continuing to work with a thriving and creative TTRPG community.

Ricardo Evangelho

Owner, Hit Point Press

Thumbnail art by Tom Babbey

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