Heckna! Carnival Horror Campaign Setting: July Update + PDF News!

PDF Update Progress

The team is making good headway! While we won’t be releasing the remaining Acts one at a time like we did for Act 1, we’re quickly nearing the completion of this endeavor and are excited to release the complete PDF to everyone.

As for the status, the design and editing are going through the final passes of QA with the goal to release Heckna 1.0 Monday July 25th.

What does this mean for production?

If you’ve backed one of our projects before, you’ll know that in the past when we’ve worked with manufacturers we’ve used several different companies depending on the rewards. This time, we’ll only be working with one! This means that production will happen at the same time for all physical rewards. Most of the accessories' files are built and eagerly awaiting the book’s completion to move forwards with this process.

When we get an update regarding the timelines from production once we've submitted the book, we’ll share those details with you!

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