Heckna! Carnival Horror Campaign Setting: August Update + Heckna on Alchemy!

Rewards Progress

Book – We’re happy to confirm that the book file has been submitted for print, the file's review process has been approved and it is currently in the proofing process with our manufacturing partners. They will build a production sample for review and if everything is perfect, it moves onto the mass production phase!

Physical Rewards – Files have all been submitted for production and we are currently going through the review process to ensure all the files are ready for proofing.

Once proofing is complete, mass production will be scheduled and we’ll have an updated estimate from our manufacturing partners for you.

PDF Version Breakdown

Since our last update, we’ve made a few different versions of the book PDF available and we wanted to let you know here what you can expect from each of them to decide which option is best for your use!

V1.0 - The original version with the highest resolution! The art looks best in this version, but it could give your PC or browser a workout.

V1.01 - Bookmarked, low resolution file for quick and easy access (72 ppi).

V1.011 - Bookmarked, double the resolution of the above version and great for screens (144 ppi).

Now that the heaviest lifting from preparing the book and physical rewards has wrapped up, the team is reviewing feedback from backers on requested or suggested digital elements to explore building.

Heckna VTT on Alchemy!

We’ve collaborated with the amazing team at Alchemy RPG to create a VTT version of Heckna! With Alchemy RPG, you’ll be able to play the entire Heckna campaign online with your friends like never before! The material is going through the final review process and we plan on releasing the module in early October, so keep an eye out!. 

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