Fool's Gold: Into The Bellowing Wilds: November Update + Rewards Progress

We hope you’re cozy and bundled up for the cold weather (if you have it!). There was a lot to review and consider for this update, so we decided to merge the October and November updates since we’d been fast approaching the November post. 

Please take a moment to read the update for news on the previously estimated December PDF release, a brand new music track, and another content preview! 

Before you do, here’s a message from Dingo and Felix!

Hey everyone, Hope you all had a super spooky Halloween!!!  

We're really excited about this update and are eager to show you more! Luckily things are starting to clear up in the worlds of shipping & manufacturing and we're feeling good about our timelines. 

See you next update where we'll be able to share even more! 

Love y'all  - Dingo & Felix

PDF and Book Update

The writing is steadily traveling through the editing process and was recently reviewed by sensitivity consultants* who got back to us with some great feedback that the team is reintegrating back into the book. 

As we approach the December estimate provided earlier this year, we’ve had to reevaluate our plans for PDF distribution as in addition to recrafting some portions of the book, it also needs to begin the design and layout process. In light of this, we are updating the PDF estimate to Q1 2023. 

We know you're eager for the book, we are too! But we believe it is the best decision at this time to ensure it meets our standards and to make the content even better. Thank you for understanding, we will keep you updated as we continue to move forwards. 

*Note: a sensitivity consultant is someone who reviews content to bring a writer or publisher’s attention to areas where issues like misrepresentation, stereotypes, bias, or otherwise harmful inclusions are present and provides suggestions on possible solutions. We believe this is an important step in our editing process for all our products to ensure that the content aligns with our goals!


The final production minis arrived last week and are looking incredibly detailed! We’re super pleased with how they’ve turned out. We’ve also received a production sample of the Tarrasques and the team is working closely with the manufacturing company to ensure these not-so-minis are as detailed as the rest. We know a few of you are asking for images of the Sundrop version, and unfortunately, we won’t have those to share until after the design is finalized. Check out some of the production minis below!

Physical Rewards

The final details are being ironed out, and items are beginning manufacturing at different stages! This doesn’t mean the mass production has begun for all products just yet as there’s usually some more back and forth between us and the manufacturers, but we’re one step closer and we’ll show off images of samples as they come in. Stay tuned!

Final track is here!

Jungle Encounter has to be one of my personal favourites from the OST, it’s the perfect sound to follow the epic showdown after you ask what your pet has in their mouth. Enjoy!

Official Fool’s Gold Discord Server

There is now a dedicated server for Fool’s Gold fans! As the server is run by Dingo and Felix themselves, we ask that if you have Kickstarter questions, please use the support emails provided or leave a message in the Fool’s Gold channel in the Hit Point Press server. We’ll help you out there!

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