Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds: May Update - More Minis and "Rascam" track release!

Hey backers!

Here’s your update for May, take a look!

Final Minis Collection Preview

This collection also includes the Foreclaimer Shadow Walker, but we needed to make some corrections so it’s not ready to share just yet. Check out the rest!

Prepare your ears – a new track from the OST has dropped!

Last week the “Rascam” track was released on the Dingo Doodle’s channel, check it out!

The Mad Maker reviews the mighty Tarrasque!

The Mad Maker has recently released a video reviewing their experience printing our beloved Tarrasque in a variety of forms! Take a look:

Can I upgrade my pledge and get more minis?

It's not too late to add the STLs or more physical minis! Upgrade your pledge or add more minis here!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ!

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