Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds: June Update + Animated Spell Previews!

A Message From Dingo and Felix

Hey everyone, thank you so much for all your support and patience as we finish yet another month!

Progress on the book has been amazing, as another round of edits and reviews has been completed. Felix is also nearing completion of the first draft of Kylandria and working with the awesome peeps of Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting to make Fool's Gold compatible.

As this summer kicks off, be prepared for many more awesome updates on our Kickstarter and YouTube channel!

Love you all <3 Stay safe out there nerds!

-Dingo & Felix

Minis Progress

All minis have finished the sculpting process and are now in the manufacturer’s expert hands where they will be prepped for production. We can’t wait to show off the samples when they are ready!

Here is the last miniature from the Monsters, Monks, and Mechs pack, The Shadow Walker!:

Have you noticed a couple of minis missing from the Foreclaimers pack? There are a few that need a special introduction! Keep an eye out for videos on Youtube in the coming months to meet them. Once everyone’s revealed, the second STL pack will be distributed to backers!

Animated Spells Preview

Our animators are hard at work putting together the art for our animated spells. Here is a sneak peek at some of the in-progress animations from Fool's Gold's very own Gothi, Avery Howett! These are brand new spells created especially for Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds!

Can you guess what the spells might be?

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