Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds: July Update: Progress Update and New Timeline Expectations

Hey backers!

Thank you for your patience with July’s update! We wanted to confirm a few details before posting, but please expect your actual August update towards the end of the month!

In this update you’ll find some news about minis, art and animations (including a preview!), as well as an updated production timeline. Please be sure to review the new timeline! All rewards have new dates.

Project Progress

Minis - The minis are continuing their journey through production! They’re currently being prepared for injection molding, and there are even a few on their way to us for review!

Have you had a chance to catch up on the Fool’s Gold crew’s latest exploits? If not, you definitely should before checking out the latest episode of Dingo Doodles' Fool's Gold series launching later today, featuring the mysterious Foreclaimers!

Art - Lots of great pieces are in progress for the book! Animations for the animated spell cards are nearly complete. Check out some of the animated spells below!

What's Next for Rewards, Production, and Distribution?

After discussing the progress of the project with the team, Dingo, and Felix, we’re looking ahead at what to expect when it comes to completing the book, production, and fulfillment. Below you can find a new timeline for digital and physical content.

Book - Based on our current projections, we are aiming for a release of the PDF content in early December. Though this is a few months later than the originally projected September release, it is more realistic based on the progress so far. Additional digital files like reference decks, maps, and standees will follow.

Stretch Goal Content (Digital) - When their involvement in the core campaign setting is complete, our writers will be turning to the stretch goal content to build out that material before handing it over to our design team. While we’re not providing an exact estimate now because there are too many variables to be accurate, we’re anticipating that the release of this content will align with our revised fulfillment date below.

*Updated Fulfillment Timeline* - This is an important one! At this time, we’re officially re-scheduling projected fulfillment to July 2023.

We’re looking at ways to speed up the process at each step along the way, but based on the book’s progress, we believe July 2023 is realistic.

We know that feels like such a long time from now, but here’s how the team came to that date, plus a little more about what to expect when it comes to mass production of physical rewards.

Book Production

If the book files are ready for mass production in early December as expected, our mass production partners have told us it will require ~55 days to produce.

Items like reference decks, standees, the world map, and GM screen are dependent on the book being complete to be finalized for mass production. These will enter mass production after the book, and we anticipate these items to be finished around early March.

Accessories Production

While the book is being completed, we’ll be getting the accessories through mass production! With the exception of the items listed above that are tied closely to book content, we’re aiming to have all rewards ready and waiting for the book’s arrival.

This means that if all goes to plan, the books will be in the last shipment of physical rewards, and the distributors can hop right into fulfillment when they arrive.


From here, we’ll arrange freight shipping to our distributors. This is where the estimate gets a little lengthier! Because arranging freight shipping, the journey itself, as well as clearing customs can be a whole bag of variables and potential delays, we’ve given ourselves lots of wiggle room here for things to inevitably go awry. In the past freight averaged 4-6 weeks, but with there still being congestion at the ports this timeline is averaging 3 months.

We know you want your rewards in hand as soon as possible, and we’re working hard to make that happen! We’ll keep you updated along the way and show off plenty of art, samples, and other cool things in monthly posts.

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