Cubeamajigs Series 2: June Update + A Message From the Team

We’re putting out the update a bit early this month because we wanted to address some concerns regarding production, transparency and communication. Thank you all for leaving thoughtful feedback on your experience with the campaign–we are committed to continuing to provide and improve the content of our updates.


There has been some confusion regarding the production phase of this project and we’ve determined the two main culprits. First, we didn’t break down what exactly the production process entails, including definitions and what you can expect as backers. We’ve decided to right that wrong by including the process below:

What happens during production?

  • Once our team is ready to enter the production phase with our files, we connect with our manufacturers to prepare for proofing.
  • The production company then takes all of the files and reviews them to make sure that all colours, resolution, and dimensions are correct. Sometimes this includes printing us a physical sample or providing us with a digital proof to review. We then confirm if we are happy with the files and approve them.
  • After approval, the manufacturing of the products begins! Depending on what other runs are occurring, we get slotted into the production company’s queue. This is what would be considered “mass production”.
  • From here, production samples are sent to us for final confirmation, and once approved, we book freight shipping to the warehouse.

In past updates when discussing production, we didn’t clarify where we were in the process and that when we used the term production it was an umbrella term for the project phase we’re in, rather than referring to the mass production. We apologize for the confusion on this front–we hope this helps give a more accurate picture for you!

Where are we experiencing delays in production?

  • Proofing - this phase of the project has taken much longer than anticipated due to the number of designs and products we’re building
  • Shanghai Lockdown - in conjunction with the more extensive proofing time above, delays in manufacturing because of COVID due to Shanghai getting locked down earlier this year halted progress

March’s Update

The second, egregious oversight we’ve determined is an error in the March Update. In the update, we shared that production was nearing completion—this was incorrect and an internal misunderstanding from a member of our team.

This was an incredibly misleading mistake and we apologize for this oversight. As the team member responsible for including the error, I would also like to personally apologize for adding to the confusion regarding production.

A comment has been added to the update with a correction.

Current Rewards Progress

I've confirmed with the Cubeamajigs team, and the most up-to-date information we have on rewards was shared in last month's update a few weeks ago save for a quick update we got from the manufacturers regarding Cubeamajigs. Take a look!

Cubeamajigs - Prototyping is finishing up this week and we anticipate having a sample in hand next week. After that, we'll be added to the company's queue to begin mass production!

Podamajigs - In mass production!

Tokens - In mass production!

Playmats - Awaiting mass production, which will begin when Cubeamajigs and Podamajigs are on their way to us via freight as the playmats are being manufactured in the states.

Lifepads - In mass production!

Dragon Shield Sleeves - Arrived at HPP warehouse

Pencils - Arrived at HPP warehouse

When mass production ends, we’ll arrange freight shipping to the USA where they’ll clear customs and then ship to the fulfillment warehouse. As we move through production and freight shipping, we’ll have a more accurate estimate to provide leading up to fulfillment.

Thank you all again for your comments, support and feedback!

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