Backerkit Smoke Test + Series 2 Artwork Reveal!

We hope you've enjoyed the last of the fall and are nice and cozy for the winter months. We’ve been hard at work preparing the BackerKit surveys for you and we’ll be sending out smoke tests soon! We also have some updates regarding the shipment and fulfillment sprints. Read on for more details!

Smoke Tests + Surveys

We will be sending smoke tests today to ensure everything with the surveys goes smoothly. For the test, a small percentage of backers will get their surveys and the feedback will tell us if there are any errors or issues with the survey that need to be addressed before we send it out to everyone. When it comes back with no errors, we’ll be sending the rest out after 24 hours! Keep an eye on your inbox!

When the surveys go out, we ask that you complete it as soon as possible as we expect our fulfillment partners will have the puzzles in hand by the end of the year. Completing it means we can get your rewards to you as expected when the fulfillment sprint begins.

Please note: Only 10% of Backers will get the Smoke Test!

Common Question: Can I upgrade my pledge through the survey?

Yes! When you get your survey hit the button below "Get Started". This will enable you to up your pledge tier in case you've decided you’d like the four puzzle tier instead.

Common Question: My payment didn’t go through and I was dropped from the Kickstarter. What do I do?

Don’t panic! You should still receive the BackerKit survey and you’ll be able to pay for your pledge there.

Common Question: When will outstanding balances be charged on BackerKit?

We'll be charging cards in early January! You can expect to see a charge if your original payment didn't successfully process through Kickstarter, you upgrade your pledge tier, or you added add-ons.

(Note: if you pay for any add-ons, upgrades, shipping, etc. using PayPal, the charge will be processed right away).

Common Question: I missed the campaign. When will late pledges be open? They're now live!

Late pledges are now live! If you had a friend or colleague who missed out share this link with them!

Fulfillment Update

We have received confirmation that the produce will be reaching the warehouse in late December, so we’re on track for our January fulfillment sprint!

This means that there will be a quick turnaround time for surveys, so please fill it out as soon as possible when you receive it.

Series 2 Art Reveal!

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the art for our Series 2 puzzles! We’ve chosen the artwork based on the results of the survey from the last update. Without further ado, take a look at the pieces!

“Overrun” By Andrea Radeck

“Necromancer” by Livia Prima

“Elementalist” by Matt Stewart

“Glowing Ichor” by Sarah Finnigan

We're so excited these pieces will be the newest additions to the Scroungecraft puzzles!

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