August 2022 Fan Art

Our team loves to see all the incredible art that fans create inspired by Humblewood! With the Humblewood Tales Kickstarter wrapping up in just a few days, we wanted to share even more Humblewood fan art with all of you!

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Lord Fenrir (@LordFenrir)

We just had our two-year anniversary for the Humblewood campaign I'm a part of. Here's our party with the arc/campaign villain looming overhead

Scotty Hood (@Scotty_H00d)

Bat boy being bat boy.

Hit Point Press Note: Mists of Kren's Valley is an actual play stream of a Humblewood/Ravenloft game!

PhillipFGA (@PhillipFGA)

Commission done for @dserpentes , featuring a character reference for their character Lilith, the enigmatic Eluran spellcaster. This was fun to do.

Jay Shaw 

The crew are done, ready for their first adventure!

Have you been creating fan content for Humblewood? Be sure to share it with us by submitting it here and @HitPointPress onTwitter,Instagram,Facebook,Discord or Reddit! Huge thanks to this week's artists for letting us share their work!

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