Announcing the Q4 Recipients of the Luminary Grant!

We are pleased to share that we have selected the recipients of the Luminary Grant for this quarter!

Read more about their projects below!

About the Luminary Grant

The Luminary Grant is an initiative by Hit Point Press to help independent tabletop game creators bring their projects to life. It was originally funded through the If I Were A Lich, Man Kickstarter campaign. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and new recipients are chosen each quarter. Apply for the Luminary Grant here.

Lyla M. Fujiwara, Jukebox: The Karaoke Musical Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Jukebox: The Karaoke Musical Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a rules-lite, no game-master, no preparation, one-shot roleplaying game. Over three acts, you and your friends sing karaoke and create a musical story full of drama, passion, and spectacular showstoppers! All you need to play are a few friends, pencils, index cards, playing cards, and a computer or TV connected to the internet.

To find out more about Lyla’s work, check out her portfolio and follow hernewsletter.

Maia Everett, Ibellan Nights

Ibellan Nights is a Science Fantasy setting that blends elements of solarpunk, cyberpunk, and post-apocalyptica. It takes place in Acacia, a resilient world that has survived a cataclysm and grown stronger and stranger because of it. Stories center on the natives of Ibella, a continent that serves as a home to endless technological innovation and a Mother Nature that isn’t quite ready to relinquish its new foothold.

To find out more about Maia’s work, check out the Ibellan Nights Discord server and follow them onPatreon.

OrbWitch & Villainvicencio, Mobile Frame: Royal

Mobile Frame: Royal is a Descended From The Queen game that uses the support team of a mech pilot to tell a story about conflict, idolatry and the collective effort it takes to build an icon. Players start by creating the mech and pilot they work with. Then, using card-based prompts, build a unique and emotional story with every game played.

To find out more about OrbWitch & Villainvincencio’s work, check out their portfolio and follow them onBluesky.

S. Kaiya J., You, Beyond the Pale

You are a monster, and you live alone. You, Beyond the Pale is a solo journaling game about the life of a unique cryptid discovered by the strange and incomprehensible mortal world—and also about the experience of cultural assimilation as a young immigrant. With just a deck of playing cards, two ten-sided dice, and a journal, players can step into the world of their own lonely monsters for up to one month per playthrough.

To find out more about S. Kaiya J.’s work, check out her portfolio and follow her onTwitter.

Viditya Voleti, We Who Seek Titans

You seek Titans. More specifically, the remnants of them. Long, long ago these greater beings roamed, and long, long ago they died off. As you trek this land you’ll record your findings, either in prose, drawings, music, factual notes, whatever your chosen medium is. We Who Seek Titans is a record-keeping, worldbuilding, and map making game for 1+ players. Go on a journey as you bask in the glory of nature, local culture, and the finding answers in history and the land.

To find out more about Viditya’s work, check out his portfolio and follow him onTwitter.

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