Announcing the Q3 Recipients of the Luminary Grant!

We are pleased to share that we have selected the recipients of the Luminary Grant for this quarter!
Read more about their projects below!

About the Luminary Grant

The Luminary Grant is an initiative by Hit Point Press to help independent tabletop game creators bring their projects to life. It was originally funded through the If I Were A Lich, Man Kickstarter campaign. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and new recipients are chosen each quarter. Apply for the Luminary Grant here.

Basil Wright, Pelogos

Pelogos is a multiplayer d6 game for 2 or more players including the Navigator (GM). Players take on the roles of paranormal investigators known as Lantern Keepers, or sea ghosts known as Echoes. With your abilities, you help the living come to terms with the loss of their loved ones, whether that's through delivering a message, or learning more about their own past.

To find out more about Basil’s work, check out their portfolio and follow xir onTwitter andBluesky.

Chelsea L. Shepard, Sellsword

Sellsword is an Old-School Renaissance-style game of working-class fantasy. Players are take the roles of ordinary people trying to make it in a dangerous profession. The adventuring grind takes a toll on your mind and body and you must exercise caution if you want to survive.

To find out more about Chelsea’s work, check out her portfolio.

Jordan Blackman (Hypnos), A Fragment of Memory

A Fragment of Memory is an emotional solo game of buried memories and dreams. The player uses a tarot deck and a cribbage board to travel through their character’s dreams. Players can unearth and confront their memories of past trauma.

To find out more about Jordan’s work, check out their portfolio.

Thomas M, This Ship Is No Mother

This Ship Is No Mother is a sci-fi horror game that uses a customized card-based version of the Forged in the Dark system. Players take the roles of characters working for an extractive corporation, fighting to survive in hostile, alien environments. As the deck whittles down, the tension ratchets up; when it’s gone, the entire crew is at risk of demise.

To find out more about Thomas’ work, check out his portfolio.

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