Announcing the Q2 Recipients of the Luminary Grant!

We are pleased to share that we have selected the recipients of the Luminary Grant for this quarter!
Read more about their projects below!

About the Luminary Grant

The Luminary Grant is an initiative by Hit Point Press to help independent tabletop game creators bring their projects to life. It was originally funded through the If I Were A Lich, Man Kickstarter campaign. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and new recipients are chosen each quarter. Apply for the Luminary Grant here.

Arisia Santiago, Corps à Corps

Corps à Corps is a stat-raising roleplaying game where players create a fencer. Characters form unique relationships with each other in the context of competition. Players gain and spend tokens through minigames that simulate training, daily life, and milestone tournaments while exploring the themes of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

To find out more about Arisia’s work, check out their portfolio and follow themon Twitter.

Colton Balske, Valor and Shadows

Valor and Shadows is an upcoming setting and adventure for Hit Point Press’s new SHIFT RPG system. It is set in a neo-noir world of superheroes and villains who twist the planet’s fate through intricate plots, mighty powers, and deception. Players take on the persona of hero or villain to pursue an agenda of protection or profit.

To find out more about Colton’s work, check out his website and follow himon Twitter and onInstagram.

Jan Martin, Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year is an anthology of independent games themed around despair and hope. You can investigate the murder of a god as a god, dive for treasure, confront the reality of your former life as a mech pilot, dig a grave for you and your rival, cast magic using Scrabble tiles, and race against time.

To find out more about Jan’s work, check out their games on and follow themon Twitter.

Kandi J. Williams, Briar Bound

Briar Bound is an original, narrative-driven roleplaying game and reclamation of the Br’er Rabbit stories. Players create animal characters who are trying to get their friend Rabbit home to their Briar Patch. They must use their wits and tricks to overcome obstacles while travelling through African-inspired locations.

To find out more about Kandi’s work, check out her portfolio and follow heron Twitter.

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