Announcing the Q1 2024 Recipients of the Luminary Grant!

We are pleased to share that we have selected the recipients of the Luminary Grant for this quarter!

Read more about their projects below!

About the Luminary Grant

The Luminary Grant is an initiative by Hit Point Press to help independent tabletop game creators bring their projects to life. It was originally funded through the If I Were A Lich, Man Kickstarter campaign. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and new recipients are chosen each quarter. Apply for the Luminary Grant here.

Alyx Bui, All These Boats Will Sink

All These Boats will Sink is a communal horror tragedy tabletop roleplaying game based on the humanitarian crisis my family, and many other civilians, experienced during the Vietnam war. This tabletop roleplaying game is an immersive medium, and my way, to combat anti-Asian racism, capturing lived experience, informing players around impactful topics of privilege, power and inequality by playing through dynamic events, situations and interpersonal encounters that occurred during the war.

To find out more about Alyx’s work, check out their portfolio and follow them onTwitter.

Kay Marlow Allen, To Catch the Milk-White Steed

To Catch the Milk-White Steed is a reimagining of the fairy tale of Tam Lin that celebrates bodily autonomy. Using the Carta system by Peach Garden Games, this game invites you to explore the wildwood, rescue your lover, and determine your own destiny.

To find out more about Kay’s work, check out their portfolio.

Remnant Years, Remnant Years

Remnant Years is an exciting new TTRPG for those who delight in the odd as well as the mundane. Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy land where every day holds the potential for adventure, the players take the roles of average folk just trying to make it in the world. In the course of their journeys they can make new friends, discover ancient technologies, solve mysteries, partake in fey heists, or maybe spend a session just telling stories around a campfire while relaxing on a beach; it has something for each and all.

To find out more about Remnant Years, check out their website.

Syn, All Dogs Go to Hell

All Dogs Go To Hell is a 1-5 person tabletop RPG exploring the myths of werewolves in a new light, inspired by the story of Thiess of Kaltenburn and the Benandanti in particular. Form a pack to defend your home from devils stealing the yearly harvest, dive into hell to take it back, and use the rewards gained to grow your village. Build relationships with those you protect, hide your secret to avoid the inquisition of the church, and howl to the moon. Queer themes abound in this game of community building, religious persecution, and shapechanging.

To find out more about Syn, follow her on Twitter.

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