Big Bad Booklet 040 - Perigon (PDF)

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Forecast: Doom!

Once a small-time con artist with a minor natural talent for magic, Perigon travels with her cloudy companion mimbus disguised as an ominous castle in the clouds. Terrorizing town after town, she sends her eagle to collect ransom from the townsfolk.

Will your party manage to ground Perigon, or will the Weathermaker “cloud” your judgement?

Writing/Concept: Verity Lane
Cover Art: Marzena Piwowar
Interiors: Aviv Or
Published: October 2022
What is the Big Bad Booklet?
The Big Bad Booklet is a fully illustrated 5e booklet featuring a new boss monster that includes details about the boss's back story, personality, and tactics. New Booklets are released to our Patreon supporters.

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