Badge Quest - Raspberry Jubilee Bundle (Digital STL)

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A bundle of digital STL files for 3D printing!

Join the Brave Blossoms as they navigate through a strange neighborhood, solve supernatural mysteries, and try to sell the most cookies in the annual cookie sale competition.

Start your own troupe today with four brave blossoms and two baddies to fight! 

The Models are sized to fit the ELEGOO Mars printer. Based, supported and unsupported versions of files are included!

Pre-supported by Tableflip Foundry.

These are digital files, designed to be printed on a 3D printer.

Product Contents:

  • The Athlete Brave Blossom

  • The Entrepreneur Brave Blossom

  • The Leader Brave Blossom

  • The Enforcer Brave Blossom 

  • Federal Agent

  • Werewolf

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