Astromythos: Lair of the Spider Lord Preview (PDF)

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A five-part adventure based on the groundbreaking new series by award-winning author & illustrator, Jon Sideriadis.

Explore a universe where white dwarfs, red giants, comets, moons, and black hole kings dwell as characters in a story, written and illustrated as an original epic poem.

Lair of the Spider Lord is a 5e-compatible adventure in the Astromythos world that takes characters from 10th to 15th level. This free preview document contains a preview of the Astromythos universe, bestiary, maps & items.

"Each page is alive with art as poetry and poetry as art. Delicate paintings contrast with strong, graphic illuminations that enhance the richness of the worlds themselves.”
~ Brian and Wendy Froud, Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth

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