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If I Were a Lich, Man is a trilogy of funny Jewish roleplaying games about creative resistance against authoritarianism. The villains in the stories of our oppressors become the heroes in our play. 

Written and illustrated by a team of avant-garde Jewish designers.

Recommended for fans of What We Do in the Shadows, Russian Doll, and Young Frankenstein.

Your PDF download also includes printable cards & dreidels!


Included Games:

If I Were A Lich, Man - A family of Jewish-coded Liches debate strategies for community survival against the murderous lawful good paladins. Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and the Passover Seder.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Mitzvah - On the way to Ruthie’s Bat Mitzvah, a guest was bitten by a vampire bat and is transforming into a vampire during the formal reception.

Grandma's Drinking Song - A singing game about a matriarchal Jewish family of bootleggers during Prohibition. Inspired by Lucian's family’s true stories.

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